TK advantage of four special sales
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TK advantage of four special sales
TK 010-9253-0094 four yuntaeyong

1. The most competitive prices
Two. The exact delivery date and compliant business processes
Three. Use the best brand name products and parts (sample always ready)
Four. You want to print in the desired position (mark, stationery, etc.)
Five. Clock cases and packaging services provided
Six. Produced the shortest period of supply (within 5 days of placing your order)
Seven. Chosen in order to watch the images prior to printing the logo will show.

Watch the use of special sales

1. Anniversary events, including corporate, employee and corporate gifts
Two. Various holidays (Thanksgiving, New Year's Day, Labor Day) Gift
Three. Establishment, practitioner souvenirs
Four. When companies effectively to inform
Five. Events Events (Completed, promotion, and gratitude events, seminars)

Watch the advantage of special sales
1. Direct cell, wearing long passed, so the meaning of special sales
Two. Do not wear a logo or mark in promoting effective
Three. Preference and satisfaction of those receiving the high luxury

Print the logo and mark, stationery can be inserted.
Print the desired position (on the clock face, or the back panel and inset) is in

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